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Introductory Summary

Essays are literary prose compositions which are short in nature.They are written from personal points of view and could be interpretive,analytic, narrative,argumentative, persuasive, descriptive or critical in nature.This classification is dependent on how they handle the topic that forms the subject of the essay.The technicality of writing and lack of time to handle essay writing has led to rise and development of custom-writing companies.These companies write customized essays on behalf of their clients for a fee.

Customized essays

Customized essays are essays written according to the specifications of a client.These customized essays could fall into any category of essays depending on the topic the customized essays handle and how they handle that specific topic.Therefore, these customized essays are specially written for only specific individuals according to their requirements.Custom writing companies guarantee exclusivity of customized essays to avoid cases of plagiarism that may result in the failure of their clients.This is because these customized essays are used for academic grading purposes (the clients use the customized essays to develop their original academic works or may use them directly). Thus,even though custom writing is a business the customized essays are never sold to more than one person-the client that ordered the specific essay.

As a requirement, customized essays should adhere to the client’s specifications in a precise manner to ensure the client gets his/her correct order.These customized essays’ specifications could include the citation styles used,the number of words and paragraphs as well as the approach of the topic under consideration in the customized essays.Approaches to these customized essays determine the category of the essay: these approaches could be argumentative, interpretive or analytic-just to mention but a few.Customized essays also require bibliographies/references/works cited as a matter of requirement because they involve research.These customized essays’ reference material should be given according to the clients’ orders and in the numbers ordered.Customized essays are more often than not used by clients to carry out further research on their chosen topics.Thus,custom writing companies endeavor to offer guidance on where and how to access referral material through these bibliographies at the end of customized essays.

Customized essays are not found but rather ordered from custom writing companies.Therefore,a client that wants customized essays has to find a suitable custom writing company and place an order for customized essays by giving his/her details and requirements.Customized essays take time to be delivered to the client.Therefore, clients should place their orders early enough to have their customized essays completed and delivered to them in time.Customized writing companies also offer free revision services on the customized essays.This occurs in cases whereby clients think that the customized essays do not fit their order specifications.As a result, clients that need to out-source for customized essays should be clear on how they want their customized essays to appear.This is important because the writing company only acts on instructions from the clients; therefore, wrong instructions will result in faulty customized essays that will not satisfy the needs of the client.

Conclusively,clients who out-source for customized essays should expect an essay structured with a format that has an introduction,body of the essay and a conclusion.

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