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A speech writing paper is a literary work that puts in writing details of what is to be spoken to a specific audience.As such, a speech writing paper forms the basis of what will be spoken in the delivery of the intended speech. A speech writing paper could either be a formal or informal speech writing paper based on the kind of audience that will be listening to the speech.The formal or informal categorization of a speech writing paper could also be based on the content of speech to be delivered. For example, a speech writing paper to be used in the delivery of an official business proposal can be termed as a formal speech writing paper. Whereas, a speech writing paper supposed to be used for a speech to be delivered to newly baptized congregation members is termed informal in nature.

Speech Paper Writing Format and Process

A speech writing paper format has three sections that form the content of the paper.These parts are the introduction, body and conclusion.The introductory part of a speech writing paper consists of an opening greeting and an outline on how to get the attention of the audience by use of an attention geter.Through the introductory part, of the speech writing paper a speaker should define their thesis and establish credibility and attention among the listeners.The body part of the speech writing paper links the introduced thesis of the speech through a smooth transition that elaborates on the main ideas of the thesis.The speech writing paper should include detailed examples that will serve to support the weight of the speech.The conclusive part of the speech writing paper should offer a brief and terse review of the speech’s main points and a further emphasis on key areas.

A well outlined and comprehensive speech writing paper should go through the four basic preparation steps that a speech writing paper should pass through to be well written.These preparatory steps include the decision on the topic of choice.This choice should put into consideration the audience in terms of technical knowledge, education, language and age.The step is followed by the refining of the topic in the speech writing paper to suit the audience type.The purpose of the speech should also be determined prior to the drafting of the speech writing papers in order ensure the content and relevant examples are selected and ordered appropriately.

There are important areas in a speech writing paper that should be given extra emphasis to ensure the speech to be delivered is comprehensive. Firstly, the choice of topic in relation to the audience matters a lot.In relation to this choice, a speech writing paper should contain content from a topic that will best suit the listeners need.The topic could be re framed or limited in to some extent in order to fit the audience.

The speech writing paper should be structured in a way that easily defines the purpose of the speech-whether persuasive, informative, entertaining and welcoming or a combination.Thus, basing the consideration on purpose a writer of a speech writing paper should structure his/her points and examples in a logical manner.This will help in bringing out the purpose of speech and ensure the audience comprehends the speech.

Finally, the speech writing paper should entail the benefits of speech to the audience.This will help the speaker who will use the speech writing paper to establish credibility as well as let the audience know why they need to listen to him/her.

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