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Sociology is the study of humanity,that seeks to understand and explain individuals interaction within the society.A sociological paper therefore covers diverse topics such as the family (marriage, domestic abuse, child-rearing, and divorce),on the effect to the society at large.Sociology covers diverse topics of all categories for example: absolute poverty,achieved status,agribusiness,AIDS, appropriate technology,background expectancy, blended family, bureaucracy, capitalism, crime, curative medicine, democracy, diaspora, dual career family, economic interdependence, evolution, export-processing zone, fee-for-service medicine, fertility, fundamentalism, magic, military-industrial complex, multinational corporation,recursive nature of social knowledge, representative democracy, retirement center, qualitative sociology, zero population growth, ontological security, open lineage family, organized crime, ozone depletion among thousands of other topics.The world has had to tackle several social issues, and the top ten social issues that have hit humanity are:Obesity, Smoking,Youth Alcohol Usage,Transportation, Poverty,Basic Needs, Homelessness,Homeless Population,Teen Violence and Abuse, and finally Teen Depression and Suicide.

Sociology is a very important subject, and, as a result,sociological paper writing and reading is part and parcel of all segments in the society.Marketers, advertisers, TV shows producers,news media all critically depend on sociology and the study of society.That is what determines how they advertise, what they put on TV and how to present those issues in a captivating manner in the commercials.Sociological research determines how politicians develop social policy and suggest solutions to social problems.A politician who is well versed with the psychological and behavioral patterns of his target group will get undivided attention and loyalty or support from his audience irrespective of whether he is sincere in his undertakings or not. No wonder companies sweep masses of young people into use of their product simply by using someone,who they believe the youth comfortably identify with, to advertise.Sales Executives in supermarkets and malls use their sociological knowledge about the way the human mind reacts to different genres and types or speeds of music. When the supermarkets are empty they play slow music,automatically causing the people inside to involuntarily walk slowly, thus increasing the occurrences of impulse buying.When there is congestion in these same self service stores, fast music is played, automatically causing the people inside to involuntarily walk faster,thus minimizing the time customers spend in the store,in order to make room for more buyers so as to increase the chance of making more sales of different magnitudes and natures.

The structure of a sociological paper is one that seeks to strike a balance between theory and facts, since no fact can so to say speak for itself and no theory makes sense on its own,unless it explains an existing fact.A sociological paper should also reflect substantial scientific knowledge.The biggest challenge faced in writing a sociological paper lies in identifying evidence and finding the meaning of arguments that result from research on the various sociological topics. The first step to writing a sociological paper is to identify an interesting topic, after which you do initial research on the same. This is followed by a rather challenging step of narrowing your topic and doing a survey using a question based on assumptions you may have.

There are many kinds of sociological papers, which include approaches from five categories :Book Reviews,Case Studies, Social Issues Papers,Writing with Data and General Research.

To “review” literature or books means using sociological criteria to carefully study it and to summarize it thoughtfully and fairly without bias.

A sociological paper that involves review of any kind should, therefore, bring the best out of the piece it reviews.A sociological paper will look at the world around, impart critical thinking on those studying it and change the society for the better.

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