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A movie review paper is an assignment based on a convectional issue which has been recorded in the form of a movie.A movie review paper may be academic or non-academic such that a person views the movie then goes ahead to review its content.An academic movie review paper is usually in the form of extensions of class work where by a lecturer singles out a specific movie and the students are asked to watch it then compose a movie review paper.

Most movie review papers are based on contemporary issues affecting the daily activities of people or some may be on the history of a certain aspect of life. In this case a clear understanding of the movie which involves repeated viewing is significant in gaining a deeper understanding of the content in preparation to writing a movie review paper. Sometimes a lecturer may ask the students to relate the movie with other forms of literary work which contains the same theme and content hence making the movie review paper more informative.

The movie being reviewed in the movie review paper is often provided for the students by their instructors as most movies have similar names but different content.This is aimed at ensuring that the movie review papers among the students are based on a single similar subject.As the movie review paper is solely based on a specific movie, its thus essential that anyone who is writing the movie review paper be it a professional writer or the student is able to view the whole movie and critically analyze it before compiling the movie review paper.Therefore, unless instructed otherwise all information in the movie review paper is based on the movie in question.However, this does not mean that the movie review paper should quote the conversations and information obtained from the movie word for word.A for of originality and paraphrasing is required so as to reduce plagiarism as well as ensuring that the content is fluent and originally form the writer of the movie review paper.

A movie review paper should answer the questions which are posed for the students by the lecturers such that it is only considered complete after fulfilling the requirements of a movie review paper.A writer who is compiling the movie review paper should ensure that they have clearly understood the questions and relate them to the content noted in the movie.This entails writing short notes as they watch the movie so that when it comes to writing the movie review paper they do not have to keep stealing glances at the movie as this may disrupt their train of thought hence a poor movie review paper may result against the wishes of the lecturer.

Consequently, a clear indication of having viewed the movie and understood it is exhibited by use of quotations and phrases used in the movie when writing the movie review paper.The quotations are often followed by a distinct citation of the source and the proper quotation style should be used dependent on the writing style specified for the movie review paper.Some writing styles used for movie review papers include APA which dictates that quotations which are more than forty words long should be written in a block format.However, shorter quotes do not require such elaborate styles.

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