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A marketing paper is a written report of a company that is aimed at advertising the services and products that are offered by a company.It contains all information which may be relevant to a potential customer.Information on the average production of the company as well as a sample of items produced by the company is vital components of marketing paper.

Sometimes a new client may accidentally land on a sample marketing paper from a certain company and aspects such as a sample of high quality product may make such a client change their mind about trying out the products of that company.This way a marketing paper not only acts as an advertising platform of a company but also as a promotional avenue.Thus,a marketing paper should contain the success story of a company as well as a few setbacks as every company has at one time had its fair share of negative issues.

Therefore,summing up the above features of a marketing paper,one would categorize it as an informative marketing paper aimed at creating awareness to potential clients about the prospects of a company.This requires thorough understanding of the various aspects of the company at hand so that the marketing paper does no contain contradicting information.Alternatively,possession of relevant information of the company from appropriate websites will go a long way in writing a high quality marketing paper.This would portray a negative image on the business thus affecting future clients and sales such that the information can be used to undermine the quality of products or services provided by the company.

A student or individual preparing a marketing paper should be conversant with modern changes in the field of marketing so that comprehensible information is written down. Various aspects of marketing have changed over the years especially with adoption of modern technologies as well as embracing new ways of implementing marketing strategies thus;relevant up-dated information should be used when preparing the marketing paper.Consequently, thorough research should be carried out to establish the trends in marketing especially those which are relevant to that particular area being covered in the marketing paper or business paper.These include areas such as marketing strategies for multinational companies,promotional marketing and advertising as a means of marketing.Entrepreneurship studies also incorporate marketing as one of the core activities of a business.

A marketing paper should be written using an appropriate style as indicated by the instructor which will incorporate the relevant format specified for that particular marketing paper.Similarly,it should be void of grammatical errors as well as un cited quotes or information from various literary sources which do not give credit to authors when it is due.Unnecessary changes in the font used to write the marketing paper may deem it as not being academic so is the use of flowery language which undermines the content in the marketing paper.A marketing paper should thus be written in a way which will make the instructor gauge the seriousness of the student or writer even before reading the details in the marketing paper.

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