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A literature review paper is a piece of literary work that details essential points of knowledge and or methods of approach in a certain topic in any field of study.Any literature review paper can be considered as a secondary source of information.A review paper reports about already known knowledge and methodological approach on a certain topic.Therefore,a literature review paper contains no reports of new or undiscovered, original works of experiment.Literature review papers are rarely done as literary,academic works of their own.They are often linked to academic literature that includes theses and research papers, as such; a literature review paper precedes most research proposals.The purpose of the literature review paper is to identify a body of existent knowledge and propose a further research along the line that the literature review paper shall propose.Thus, a literature review paper forms a basis for proposing a research topic while at the same time bringing the reader up to date on the existent knowledge on the topic under its highlight.

The Format and Writing of a Literature Review Paper

The structure of a literature review paper should have a logical flow of the ideas it presents.The literature review paper should also contain relevant references that its reader can use to trace the primary sources of the information that it contains.The appropriate use of terms and referencing styles is essential in the writing of a literature review paper.The view and highlighting of the previous research works in the literature review paper should not be biased based on the writer’s opinion.Therefore, the review in the literature review paper should be unbiased and comprehensive on earlier researches in that topic.

The literature review paper format should start with a background that includes an explanation on the initial starts of research on the topic under highlight.This part of the literature review paper should also contain an explanation as to why the review is essential.The background of the literature in the literature review paper is then preceded by the literature material used in obtaining the review on the topic of the review.The respective literature material used is then accompanied by the findings that resulted from the researches.

This portion of the literature review paper is then followed by a conclusion that summarizes the research conclusively.The conclusions made should be practical in nature. This should be done in two to three sentences of the literature review paper.

Finally, the writer of the literature review paper concludes his/her work by giving proposals of further research that can be done in relation to the topic under highlight. These proposals made in the literature review paper should be accompanied by a hypothesis/conjecture that alludes what the final findings of the research could present as the result of the research.

The literature review paper should be brief and terse-about three hundred words.Therefore,writers of any literature review paper should be economical with their words. However,they should ensure that the economy of words does not affect the quality of grammar in the literature review paper.

Therefore, any academic writing company that writes quality literature review papers has to have a wealth of reference material and a technical,skilled team of writers. These writers should be able to combine writing skills and research to come up with a summarized work of a literature review paper that is short but comprehensive.

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