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Literature is a form of creative writing that is appreciated for its artistic nature-it may take a fictitious or non-fictitious form based on its content.Thus, literature can be defined as the art of works in writings.These works may constitute a literature paper in their own self.There exist various forms and genres of literature.The body of study that is involved in the study of the various literary works, in these genres of literature, is referred to as literature.The study of literature is an academic course that requires the students of literature to present their synthesized ideas on literature in a literature paper.A literature paper is an academic paper that highlights some information, idea, issue, or argument about any literary piece in the field of literature.Thus, a literature paper may be literary literature piece or an analytical critique of a piece of literature work.

The content of Literature Papers

A literature paper more often than not does not focus on the writing of various genres of literature.It rather focuses on the analysis of the content of already written works of various genres of literature.More often than not a literature paper analyses the stylistic devices used in crafting a piece of literature material.Thus, a literature paper is more of a critique on literature material.The literature paper not only analyses the use of styles in comparison to various literal pieces, but also; it offers a critical opinion on the correctness of use in styles applied.

Additionally, a literature paper is often used in analyzing the content of literature and its meaning-both in face value of the words and the connotative hidden meanings of a piece of work.This is one of the important artistic elements in literature studies-the ability to comprehend messages in a piece of literature work.Therefore, a literature paper is a literary critique on literary techniques and messages portrayed in various genres of literature.

A literature paper could present various genres of literature that are featured in any literature paper and these may include fiction or non-fiction works.Fictional literature material occurs in genres that integrate imagination in the literature paper.This category includes genres such as poetry, fairy tales, folktales, mystery and myths and legends.A literature paper may also review non-fictional literature work such as memoirs, autobiographies, diaries, narratives and journals.

The format of a literature paper includes and introductory summary on the work under highlight in the literature paper.This part of a literature paper details the work under analysis in terms of the content, origin, authorship, genre classification and the literary techniques or message to be evaluated.Therefore, this section of a literature paper gives a general view of how the analysis should be carried out.

The subsequent section of a literature paper is referred to as the body of the literature paper.Under this section of the literature paper, a careful analysis is carried out (content or literary technique based) on the piece of literature work.The presented analytical arguments are supported with evidence from other literary works or in reference to literature standards.The arguments are kept logical and sequential in a bid to show the position of the final conclusion to be made.

Finally, the conclusive part of a literature paper is the conclusion.This section of the literature paper details the conclusion reached after the analysis of the piece of literature work under study.

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