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Writing an essay is not an easy task, since it calls upon the student to be highly creative and original to achieve a high quality essay so as to earn high marks. For them to achieve this they need help in writing an essay.

The areas that need help in writing an essay of high quality are as follows;

The most important area that students need help in writing an essay is the topic selection.To have a good essay depends on the topic the student has chosen.The help in writing an essay here is how to choose the topic.The student must choose a topic that interests them.The topic should be familiar to the student and it should not be too general. A good essay both to the student and the reader is one that is narrow and specific since it is easier to furnish it.The student must be given help in writing an essay on how to choose a unique topic but with available sources.Once the student masters this process of topic selection essay writing becomes easy and interesting.


Help in writing an essay also includes the research.Assuming the topic has been selected the help in writing an essay is to be accurately research on the topic.This involves some reading.This involves reading the materials in the library,databases and internet.The student shown how to read from light sources to thorough resources,writing of the quotations.The most important help in writing an essay here is how too take a little from a lot.The student should know how to have small quotations from several sources to show that he is knowledgeable.

Analysis is yet another consideration in help in writing an essay.Analyzing arguments from different authors is not an easy task.The student here need help in writing an essay on how to understand the principles of the argument and come up with their own thought on the topic.The student must know how to identify the argument and how to assess the reasoning to identify the weakness or the strength in the logic of the author.

Brainstorming is an art that students need help in writing an essay.This enables them to critical think about the topic and brings out the original hidden insights on the topic. The student in a group or individually must come up with several ideas on the topic and then critical analyze them.

Help in writing an essay also involves thesis statement.After researching ,analyzing and brainstorming the tricky part is formulation of the thesis. Help in writing an essay here is very critical since the thesis guides and shapes the entire essay.They should be able to bring it more concise and brief sentence at the end of the introductory paragraph. The thesis should be arguable, specific and avoid listing.

Help in writing an essay involves the introduction.This is the introduction the essay.The student should be taught how to make it be grabbing and impressive.It should seek to induce the reader to read the essay.It should be presented in a clear precise and captivating manner.

Conclusion is another area that needs focus during the help in writing an essay.It summarizes the main points of the essay.The conclusion should correspond with the introduction, the main idea is restated.It emphasizes the main ideas and the writer should ensure it gives the reader the impression of a farewell.

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