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Privacy Policy

E-mail addresses and additional not public information of you and your company is safe and secure with us.

We don’t barter personal information of yours with any other association in any form.

100% unique and personalized custom research papers are delivered by us.

We do not use any of the term papers more than one time. So your papers remain the unique papers forever. Genuineness is the primary thing for anyone who has ordered for term papers or help with essays.

We use safe third party payment gateways to do the financial transactions. All of them use encrypted to guard your details of credit cards.

Nobody is allowed see your credit card information or nay other information, and other not even our staff members.

Revision and Refund Policy

Once we receive the orders we consider them final and no refunds would be done (excepting if we fail to spot the cut-off date. ORDERS WHICH ARE URGENT WOULD NOT BE REFUNDED).

Your amount would be refunded if we are not able to accomplish the project.

We give 100% Satisfaction assurance by free of cost review facility for your Term Papers. If you are not satisfied with the delivered Term Papers online, due to some reason, you could ask for a revision.

Request for refund would not be considered if revision is not done. In case you do not like the custom research papers due to grammar, format or sentence structure, revision could be done. If you do not ask for the revision refund could not be done.




What services do you provide?

Our company provides an essay writing service that is available upon customers’ requests. We guarantee that: – Your paper will be 100% authentic – All your instructions will be followed – The paper will meet the deadline – The re-writes of your paper will be free of charge.

What if I would like to make changes to the received piece of work?

According to our policy every customer is entitled to an unlimited amount of revision. Just set a revision with a correspondent comment to the writer, and your writer will finish it within a 24 hour span.

I need specific sources to be used in the paper

We will happily use any sources that you need. In the instruction field you can either provide us with the source name to be used in your assignment or you also upload the source as an attachment to the ordered paper.

My teacher is very sensitive to plagiarism issue. What is your policy as far as plagiarism is concerned?

As a company that really values its customers’ impression we follow a zero-tolerance policy concerning plagiarism. Moreover, as proof we are holders of the special anti-plagiarism system that is used by most universities in the US. Every single written order is checked prior to being sent to the customer.SuperiorPapers.Us provides custom writing and reports, to be used for research and study assistance purposes only, similar in concept to Cliffs Notes, Spark Notes or York Notes. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is our work to be plagiarized by submitting it as your own work.

Will it be possible for me to follow up my order?

 Our company offers a unique service of a private account. After you place an order (link) you will be registered on our website and are granted with a personal order number. You will be receiving emails with the order number as the subject and you can always contact us with reference to that order number, so do not lose it.

Is it possible to contact the writer?

 Absolutely, you can always contact your writer when your login into your order. If the writer encounters any problem, he will contact you the in same way.

Will I ever face a case of the ordered paper being available to the public?

 Our company grants that the paper that has been ordered from us will never be available to the public. All completed assignments are stored under a specifically developed security system.

 I do not want anybody to know that I used your service.

 It is our guarantee to keep all your information private. We only use emails to communicate to you and nobody even the writer is supposed to know your personal details. We email you completed paper to your personal email and only you will be able to download a completed paper.

What are the payment options?

We gladly accept major credit cards including paypal and wire transfer. The sums that you will be charged will be displayed right before you actually make the payment.

If you have any trouble, please contact our customer support.


What do you mean by saying Customer Care?

Our customer care is a professional crew that is ready to assist you with any trouble or questions experienced. We have an online chat, Skype, Telephone number and regular email to meet the needs of the pickiest of customers. All of these services work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What if I am not satisfied in the end and want a refund?

Our company is famous for its high quality papers, and excellent customer feedback.However, no refunds are possible unless plagiarism has been observed and proved. We guarantee that in the case of dissatisfaction the writer will revise the paper until you are completely satisfied.You have also the right to ask us to reassign the order to another writer if you are still not satisfied. We have specialized in all areas of academics.

How will I know the number of pages to order?

 All our pages have 275 words per page.So for this case, you can divide the number of words you want with 275 words to know how many pages to order.

How will I know how much to pay before ordering?

You can budget how much you want to spend on your paper by visiting our price list on our services page. Just go to our prices list and you will be able to budget your paper taking into consideration the urgency of the paper.

If your question is not yet answered, please chat with our customer care representative or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots.You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call  +1 (347) 853-7417.


Research Paper/Research Paper writing service/Research

Only has the right combination of resources to turn out a custom quality research paper for you.A research paper is usually technical, and requires the combination of two important categories of resources in order to be A’ worthy in the sight of the teacher/lecturer.What are these two resources you may ask?


  1. Human resource- By human resource, we mean that a custom quality research paper needs an experienced writer.Only at do you find writers who have years of experience when it comes to penning custom quality research papers. has been in business for over eight years, and many of our writers have been with us from the beginning thus you can be sure that they have garnered all the tricks of the trade. Our writers are strict when it comes to deadlines; they are dynamic in that they comply with all a student’s requirements to produce a custom research paper tailor made for them and finally they adhere to writing rules whereby you will never find them penning out a plagiarized paper.
  2. Information resource- A research paper is an academic writing which requires a student to perform thorough independent research on a particular topic and then compile the findings and results of the research into a well formulated research paper.A research paper with depth requires the use of all various information resources such as books, publications, websites, interviews, emails, e.t.c. A well written research paper needs patience for it takes a while to find research information for a topic, and an analytical mind which can be able to sort through the research information found in order to ensure a concise paper is borne. Here at,we have a wealth of information at our disposal thus you can be assured that the custom paper we produce for you is one that is well researched.We acknowledge the fact that lectures and teachers always say that it’s not the quantity that matters, but the quality.Our writers are well trained in good researching techniques, thus you can be assured that they are able to produce a custom in-depth paper that will earn you the approval of your lecturer or teacher.

Due to their complexity and time consuming nature, research papers are not a favorite for students. Students find that research papers eat into their little free time, for it is in that free time that they will have to go and hunt for material to support their research papers.The technicality required for the production of a concise research paper is also a feat for some students for they may not have the necessary experience required to pen out an A’ worthy research paper.Thus the idea of a looming research paper for students is a worrying one. likes to take away the worries of students, especially when it comes to deadline looming research papers.We know students are most always already pressed with other extra assignments from other courses, thus they definitely do not have the time required to produce an A’ grade paper.A research paper at any education level eats a big chunk of a student’s overall semester grade. If you are a student, why risk writing a mediocre paper which may earn you a C’ average when you can trust to pen out a custom quality research paper for you that will be a guaranteed A’. Employ the custom quality research paper services at and secure for yourself a good semester grade which will pedestal you to that next level in your climb towards the top of the educational ladder.





Welcome to

Welcome to, the home of custom academic writing.We have been writing academic papers for the last 8 years and most of our clients have been recommending our services to their friends. Our main goal is to satisfy our client by writing original custom papers that are 100% plagiarism free.Our pricing is very competitive and affordable to many writers are experience in writing quality custom essays, term papers, research papers, research proposals, dissertation, thesis, admission and personal statement and any other academic papers.Order your custom paper now and experience our high quality services.We have years of experience when it comes to delivering the above and more custom services to our customers thus over the years we have managed to accrue a royal customer base which constantly relies on us for quality custom work.Our secret for keeping our customers happiness lies in the following;

Why our Custom Writing Services are Unique

  • Our experienced and dynamic writers – Our writers are one of the keys to our success.They embody experience and dynamism which both make for a recipe for success. They have many years of experience in writing papers thus they know what kind of papers lecturers and teachers give A grades too thus they strive to produce them. They are experienced when it comes to utilizing all the research methods available, thus the papers they produce have the depth that researchers like and require. They are dynamic in that they know how to produce papers in accordance to each customers requirements; following the specifications of each customer is what they know best. Customers come to us with different requests, and we are proud to have writers who bend to those requests.
  • Our custom original paper – Many research sites unfortunately offer students the guarantee of custom original papers only for the students to unknowingly hand in their papers to their teachers/lecturers and receive an F for plagiarism. was founded on honesty and this legacy even after 8 years of writing still continues. What we guarantee is what we give. Our writers know how costly it is for students when they plagiarize and even we have strict rules against plagiarism thus you can be sure that our writers are highly disciplined when it comes to such.
  • Our 24/7/365 contact service – We are at your beck and call twenty four hours a day, all 365 days of the year. You can chat, email or even call us if you have any query as regards your pending work or any of our services. We are highly rated by our customers when it comes to quality customer care services; our customers are always happy because with us, they always have the 411 as regards their work.
  • Our privacy policy – What goes on at stays there. We do not by any means divulge the information of students ordering from us, thus have no worry. Our privacy policy is 100% guaranteed and cannot under any circumstances be breached. Therefore order from us today without fear!

An order for a custom service from will accrue great academic results for you! We encourage you to try us out, and you will see that we stand by our word thus why we have been around for 8 years and still going strong.Our royal customer base has over the years come to rely on us for all their academic needs and we have delivered.

Order from us today and we guarantee that you too, will become a part of our growing customer base for the results you will reap here at are unrivaled!

Have the Best College Essay

A grade in college is mainly dependent on the presenting the college essays.The college essays are of different types.They can be term papers or research papers or dissertations or thesis. Often, and also most of the time, the students earn a poor grade due to weak college essays. So writing those needs lots of care and expertise. Superior papers New York is helping the students by offering their services of quality writing.

Having college essay New York as its primary service, the company performing writing services New York is a reputed name on writing types of academic papers.The company have a team of experienced and professional writers.The writers are expert in their respective fields.Be it term papers or research paper, a writing company should have essay writers New York who are not only expert or having vast knowledge on a particular field but also ready to deliver the best quality writing pieces which can earn the student his desired grade and in turn giving them satisfaction also.This online company has a versatile team or writers who are always writing the best quality college essays New York.They are convenient with any writing styles like American Psychological Association (APA) format, Modern Language Association (MLA) format, etc. thus the company, as it can be seen, has a talented team of writers.

Super papers New York is not only suitable as writing company for the team of authors but also the benefit that a student enjoy after placing an order with them. The benefits can be described as follow: a) the college essays are delivered within the promised time limit; b) thoroughly researches are done before writing a piece; c) free of any plagiarism; d) always remain in touch, the customer or the student can call or contact them to check on their essay progress or to make revisions; d) revision is free of cost and a student can revise his essay until he is satisfied.

The company has promised that they will not let the student to complain regarding their services or products i.e. college essays and they are working diligently to keep that promise.

Few Features of Term Papers for being the Standout

Term papers are kept aside as the last minute task. The students prepare them after the term is ended and submission date of college essays are around the corner. Term papers are a part of the college essay. A hefty mark for getting a good grade depends on these papers. Most of the students failed to impress their teachers or lecturers by their term papers due to improper writing. Superior papers New York is offering their services of writing the college essays for the students.College essays New York that they write is of best quality.

A writing company when write academic articles should have a team of experienced and expert writers who will be able to write the unique pieces that are needed by the students. This company have such a team of writers who are in this field of writing academic papers for long years and also well verse with the English.The team always follows a strict methodology of research first and write last. Terms paper are not only papers written on the basis of memoirs and notes, they also need extensive research to be best among the submitted lot. Term papers writers New York, of this company, understand that logic. They to let the students get the desired good grade do the extensive research after getting an order.They also accept the instructions that are given by the student. After delivering the paper, if the student asked for revision like striking out a portion or addition of a portion or trimming down a portion, the company perform that revision until the student is satisfied. These unlimited times of revisions is done completely free.

The company always follows a legitimate way while having writing services New York.That’s why their papers are completely free of any plagiarism.The writers while writing carefully maintain the policy of not getting plagiarized.They don’t want a student to get blame for a duplicate or copied term papers and thus resulting in a poor grade.

Superior papers New York is the best stop that a student can have to have college essays New York and that too the best one.

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