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Business papers are any literary work or material whose subject or content is based on business related issues.The business papers tackle issues or topics that are related to the field of business studies.The papers are of different types depending on the format and content presentation.They include essays,term papers,research papers and discussion/dissertation or thesis papers.

The Nature of a Business Paper

Unlike the usual doubtful business articles on the dailies or magazines business papers are detailed pieces of written work accompanied with supportive plausible references. Anything stated in a business paper is either classified as referred material relevant to the topic or a personal opinion of the writer on the issue with supporting research or referenced material.As a result,a business paper is academic in nature because it requires supporting evidence for anything it purports to be true.Business papers are used for academic rating purposes and are a basic requirement in the completion of certain course-works in business studies.As a result, business papers should be written with keenness and careful planning.The business paper’s content should have a main topic or issue to highlight and, therefore; it should be specific,clear and on point without any obscurity or deviation from the topic or thesis. However,some business papers could be case studies involving research that is supposed to be used as a basis for decision-making in cases of mergers or new entrepreneurship ventures.

Secondly,business papers should be free of grammatical errors or informal language; this is because they are part of academic work and are rated on the basis of content as well as grammar.In consideration of the fact that business papers are academic,it then follows that they should be free of plagiarized material.Direct quotations made without appreciation of the source through citation amounts to plagiarism and could lead to failure.Similarly, unsubstantiated material,whether,from personal opinions or other quarters is unacceptable as content for any business papers.In order for the information to be worthy of academic standards several sources have to be widely quoted or cited for the sake of justifying the content in the paper.

Business papers also have a certain format of outlining their contents.The formats to be followed have specifics including font (times new roman), font size (12), line spacing (double),in-text citations, direct quoting as well as referencing.However,these formats and writing styles may differ depending on the client’s requirements, which may be, determined by the institution’s or tutor’s requirements. Some of the commonly used writing styles include APA (American psychological Association writing format),MLA (Modern Language Association’s writing format),Turabian and Chicago writing styles.

The most common business topics that form the subject basis for papers include finance, economics, accounting, banking and commerce being the main branches in business studies.Sample topics under these categories would include legal issues in business,business management,marketing and advertising,Business and technology, human resources, entrepreneurship and case studies:just to mention but a few.The assignment of business papers to students seeks to establish the tutors or business managers the level of understanding of the involved individuals on the issues in question.As a result, there should be a wide topical research on assigned topics before one can commence writing a business paper.

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