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Rhetorcial Essay Scaffolding. Step Two: MLA In-Text Examples

After writing your introduction and thesis, continue to use the scaffolding technique to gather examples from They Say/I Say to analyze these examples in your own words.

The criteria for Step Two Rhetorical Essay – Adding examples in MLA formatted in-text citations is as follows:

1. In this assignment, you will be writing on a focused topic. Therefore, you will be using examples from Chapters 17 or 18(which ever one you chose from PART 1 ) to support your thesis statement. Please be sure that your examples are relevant to your thesis.

2. Use a variety of the templates in They Say/I Say on pages 768 – 775 to introduce, explain, agree or disagree with the points in your quotes.

3. You should have approximately 4-5 in-text citations that introduces, provides and analyzes the quotes with your analysis and opinions being 80% of your essay. Please be aware not to over or under source

4. You may use an outside source as an example, however outside sources must come from the National University Library Database.