Professional Organizations

Assignment: Professional organization powerpoint
Assignment Guidelines
You will choose either a professional organization you are a member of, or your individual states nurses association to highlight. Create a PowerPoint presentation to share with your peers that outlines the benefits of membership to a professional organization in your state or home practicing region. You will be submitting the presentation to this assignment as well as for the initial post of Discussion 6.1.
The PowerPoint must contain the following information:
• Name of Organization
• Requirements for membership
• Cost of membership
• What are the benefits available to members?
• Does the organization offer free CEU’s?
• What leadership opportunities are offered by the organization?
• What opportunities are offered for policy change or political involvement by the organization?
• Why did you choose to join this organization?
• How does membership benefit you personally?
• Are there negative aspects to being a member of the organization?
• NOTE TO WRITER: The following articles is what was used in this lesson. Rubric is also below. Also you can use “New York State Nurses Association” as the professional organization.
Module Objectives
Upon successful completion of this week/module, you will be able to:
1. Identify the benefits of belonging to a professional organization.
2. Identify the requirements for membership in professional organizations.
3. Discuss different organizations available for membership.
Before attempting to complete your learning activities for this week, review the following learning materials:

Learning Materials
Read the following articles:
• Crumley, C. (2020). The Benefits of Active Engagement in Nursing Professional Organizations: A View from Here. Journal of Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing, 47(6), 547–547. Links to an external site.
• Cline, D., Curtin, K., & Johnston, P. A. (2019). Professional organization membership: The benefits of increasing nursing participation. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 23(5), 543–546. Links to an external site.
• Cho, V., & Lam, W. (2021). The power of LinkedIn: how LinkedIn enables professionals to leave their organizations for professional advancement. Internet Research, 31(1), 262–286. Links to an external site.
• Di Vincenzo, F., & Mascia, D. (2017). Knowledge development and advice networks in professional organizations. Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 15(2), 201–213. Links to an external site.
• Goolsby, M., & DuBois, J. C. (2017). Professional organization membership: Advancing the nurse practitioner role. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 29(8), 434–440.

Criteria Expectations
PowerPoint Expectations
All required information is included and completely discussed in the power point.

Mechanics No errors in punctuation, capitalization, or spelling. No errors in sentence structure or word usage. Power point is easy to read, without distracting font or colors.