1. What is the pathophysiology of opioid addiction? Why is it so difficult to overcome the opioid addiction?

2. What do opioids do to your brain? What is withdrawal? What is opioid tolerance?

3.Explain in detail the use of naloxone (narcan) for reversal of respiratory distress thought to be overdose related and describe the Safety issues with use of personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals/first responders.

4.How does one obtain naloxone (narcan)? What are the side effects? How is it administered?

5.How long is the duration of effect or length of action? May it be administered more than once? What happens when it is administered? What results do you expect to see?

6. What problems or pitfalls do you see, if any? What insurance changes have happened to combat overdose deaths? Follow the grading rubric for discussion boards, please.

Use APA style for citations and references for literature support of current knowledge and practice.