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3-3 Short Paper: Final Project Part I: Health History and Analysis

Prompt: This week you completed a comprehensive health history interview with your patient volunteer. A comprehensive health history is the collection of
data surrounding the demographics, health history, family history, functional status, and all the physical and psychosocial areas. Address the following prompts
based on your experience:
A. Discuss the interviewing skills that were utilized when collecting the volunteer’s health history information. What strategies were used to develop
therapeutic rapport with the patient?
B. Provide an overview of the pertinent health history information that was collected.
C. Analyze the collected health history. Describe potential health risks and healthy behaviors that were identified in the volunteer interview.
D. Prioritize one health promotion need that was identified in the volunteer interview. Include support as to why this need was identified as a priority.
( My volunteer health history- He smokes , drinks socially, doesn’t use illicit drugs. He doesn’t see the doctor often last visit 2 years ago for a shoulder muscle strain. He does construction (Residential and commercial painting) for work. He eats healthy and exercises 2-3 times a week (fit body). No mental health issues. Family history- mom was diabetic).
Guidelines for Submission: Use APA formatting for any references and in-text citations. Your paper should be 2 pages in length with 12-point Times New
Roman font. Submit the assignment as a Word document.