Health Promotion

Health Promotion Presentation
Develop a 12-15 slide PowerPoint presentation that addresses a childhood disease or illness (infectious, noncontiguous, or congenital) seen in the adult population.
A. Examples of such diseases include:
• Sickle cell anemia
• Cystic fibrosis
• Tay Sachs
• Juvenile diabetes (Type I)
• Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
• Hemophilia, congenital heart disease
B. Examples of vaccine preventable adult diseases include:
• Diphtheria tetanus
• Pertussis
• Rubella
• Measles
• Mumps

Include the following in the presentation:
1. Title slide with students’ name and disease chosen.
2. A clinical description and definition of the disease or illness.
3. Pathophysiology and history of the disease or illness.
4. An explanation of the impact of this disease/condition on adults to the health care system and nursing practice.
5. A description of the impact of this disease or illness during childhood.
6. A description of the impact of this disease in adults. Explain why adults live into adulthood with this childhood condition or why adults would contract this childhood illness during adulthood.
7. A validation of the health problem with demographic and health statistics, including citations of sources.
8. Evaluate how this disease or illness impacts the adult client in the following areas:
a. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually.
b. Economically, specifically as it relates to the ability to access health insurance and health care.
c. Susceptibility to engage in substance abuse.
d. Prenatal care and childbearing.
e. Occupational considerations and hazards.
f. Ability to cope with stress.
9. Develop a care plan that addresses the following:
a. Identify expected outcomes for an adult client living with this childhood condition.
b. Develop health screening, health promotion, health interventions, and education for adults with this condition.
c. Identify a comprehensive set of relevant resources, both community and national, for adults with this condition. Provide description of resources.