Epidemiology subfields

There are many subfields within epidemiology. This week you will choose one field to investigate further. Choose one of the three topics below to discuss. Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology and Genetic Epidemiology are complex topics that are not as obvious as other health issues when conducting epidemiological studies. Most of the time experimental studies are not able to be used to determine causation as you cannot change the genetics of a person or intentionally expose people to potentially harmful conditions. So, how are associations determined?

Topic 1:

Environmental Epidemiology. Find an epidemiological study that looks at health effects associated with a type of environmental pollutant. What are the end points of this study? What are advantages and disadvantages of this endpoint(s)? What are challenges in assessing exposure to this pollutant? Properly cite and attach the article as a PDF to your post.

Topic 2:

Genetic Epidemiology. Choose a disease with a known genetic component (ex. breast cancer, colorectal cancer, Alzheimer’s disease). Identify the mode of inheritance for this disease. Discuss what the proposed gene function is that causes the disease. Are there other possible hypotheses for the cause of this disease? Find a study that looks at the association between genetics and the disease and discuss the findings. Properly cite and attach the articles as a PDF to your post.

Topic 3:

Go to the Healthy People 2020 Social Determinants of Health Topics page.

1) Select the objectives and scroll through the objectives. Choose one to discuss. How does this social determinant relate to health outcomes. What specific diseases are influenced by this determinant?

2) Select the objective and access the data on that objective. Share the data that is collected and discuss what it means and how it is related to health outcomes.

3) After selecting the objective, go to the section on more information. Select "Related Research Articles on PubMed" Choose an article to further discuss the current research on this topic. Properly cite and attach the PDF to your post.