transcultural wk3

Please see attached essay and answer below questions

1. Describe specific culture/ethnic population selected in detail. Utilize scholarly sources to validate your answers.
a. Preferred name of the culture/population by members
b. Health practices (may include illness beliefs, symptom management, birth practices, death practices)
c. Spiritual practices and preferences

2. Describe rationale for selecting this population.

3. Describe a cultural/ethnic need within your area, clinical practice, or community.

4. Describe the approved health issue from your chosen cultural population.

Details of the Health Issue

1. Describe how the health issue is based on the Leading Health Indicator (LHI) priorities from Healthy People.

2. Describe the reason why the health issue was selected.

3. Why it is important to focus on this health issue?

Clinical Impact

1. How can this content be related to clinical practice in general?

2. How do the community cultural needs and details of the health issue impact your area, clinical practice, or community?