capstone wk 3

1. Go to: Bill

2. Choose a current health-related federal bill of interest from the required site. Read through the bill and develop a summary of the main points in your own words. Include the bill number and name. (You may also use H.R. or S.R. as these are bills in the resolution phase). please answer A-H below.

a. Bill summary (in your own words)
b. name and number (indicate either H.B./H.R. or S.B./S.R.)
c. Address how this bill might relate to a professional nursing practice standard if passed? If not passed? (Choose one standard from the ANA Scope and Standards of Practice textbook)
D. How might the bill impact your own nursing practice if passed? If not passed?
E. How might you communicate your concerns about or support for this bill to peers and legislators based on nursing practice, standards, or patient outcomes?
F. How might this bill impact your community if passed?
G. References slide to include the Bill source in APA format.
H. Cite the bill reference and any other reference in APA format directly on the slide where the source is used