Interview with a Patient/Family/Population of Interest

Input from patients/families/populations of interest are part of the EBP process for patient-centered care. With your clinical facilitator, identify a patient/family/population of interest for your EBP project quality and safety topic. (PICO: In patients, does education on the effectiveness of Yoga vs. no education help maintain mental health and well-being?)

For example, say your topic is about increasing handwashing compliance by staff in your place of employment to prevent hospital acquired infections (HAIs).

Your PICO question is: For direct care hospital staff, does the use of in-service education versus written sign reminders in the patients’ rooms, increase compliance with handwashing procedures?

Identify then ask a patient/family member/or population of interest how they think staff could improve their handwashing?

You would ask questions such as:

What ideas would help staff remember to wash their hands when entering a patient’s room?
Do you think in-service education would help?
If so, what should be included in the education?
If not, do you think that posting signs in patients’ rooms, reminding them to wash their hands, would help?
What other ideas do you have?

****Their comments should be included in the Background section of your FINAL paper. that is due later. If you choose to implement any of their ideas, then discuss how you did so in the section of the paper, Propose a Change in Clinical Practice.