Virtual Simulation Technology Tool

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Scenario :Your professional setting or organization is introducing a new technology, and you have been approached as the nurse educator to prepare and plan for professional development of the new technology tool. The organizational needs are to implement the technology tool within the next 6 months.

Include the following in the paper , also please see attached rubric
-Introduce the technology tool, including the target population and focus area, and -provide a brief rationale for your implementation.
-Provide 2–3 measurable goals for implementation of the new technology tool.
-Justify implementation of the technology tool by providing evidence-based research to support use of the tool.
-Provide evidence-based strategies that meet struggling learners and diverse learners.
-Explain how the strategies will positively impact teaching and learning outcomes.
-Include 2–3 learning outcomes that can be measured and evaluated.
-Explain your method(s) for evaluating the learning outcomes. Include details about how you plan to evaluate learner achievement. Also, include what the evaluation(s) measures and what performance information you can gain from these measurements. 
-Explain how a nurse educator could use formative assessment/evaluation to monitor learning and/or performance and how assessment and monitoring could help identify early indicators of learning difficulties.
-Propose two strategies that a nurse educator could use to support a struggling learner and why you chose these strategies