The Evidence-Based Intervention

The Evidence-Based Intervention
The purpose of this discussion is to demonstrate your understanding of the evidence-based intervention in a quantitative research study as the intervention in a practice change project. As you work to find solutions to a practice problem, the evidence-based intervention is found through the critical review and appraisal of quantitative research.
1. As a DNP student, you are searching for an evidence-based intervention to translate into practice. Using the practice problem, you selected in NR715, continue your search and appraisal of evidence by analyzing one quantitative research study. This research study should not be one that was used in NR715.
2. Appraise the quantitative research study using the Johns Hopkins Research Appraisal Tool. Transfer your findings to the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool.
a. Link (Word doc): Johns Hopkins Research Appraisal Tool Links to an external site.
b. Link (Word doc): Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool Links to an external site.
3. Include your completed Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool and permalink to the selected research study.
4. Analyze the evidence summary tool of the research study to address the following in the discussion:
a. Identify the outcomes specific to the intervention measured by the research team.
b. Considering implementation fidelity, identify the steps you would take to translate/ implement this intervention in a practice setting.