Reflection On Learning Weeks 1-8

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Hello writer Below are weeks 1-7 weekly reflections please proofread, correct grammar, add on to make a professional / personal tone. I have included Week 8 Summary from the lesson so that week 8 reflection can be created.

Week 8 Review
Course Review
Throughout this course, we have discussed the evolution of nursing theory as the foundation of nursing. In the beginning, we debated the importance of nursing theory and explored the development of nursing knowledge through two different philosophical lenses. We discussed concepts as the building blocks for theory and examined the nursing metaparadigm. An overview was provided of nursing from its most abstract, grand theories to its most narrow and concrete application to practice theory and models. Consistently, the emphasis has remained on theoretical application to clinical practice, education, nursing leadership, health care policy, and informatics. Discussions have expanded with myriad examples of theoretical applications.

What Does the Future Hold?
Currently, the focus in nursing appears to be away from grand theories to a clear emphasis on middle-range and practice theories and models that solve modern-day problems from multiple perspectives. Future areas of concern will continue to revolve around clinical practice, nursing administration and management, health care policy, nursing education, and nursing informatics.

Within nursing practice, we are already seeing a move toward community-based, population-focused nursing. With the continued aging of our population along with cultural diversity, interdisciplinary theories using evidence-based practice to support decision making will be a key factor in defining effective practice theories. Increased technologies, expanding knowledge, and global perspectives will also influence theory development and application. Through meta-analyses and triangulation of research, theory, and practice, nursing will continue to address current and emerging health care issues; with a focus on validating and transforming the profession of nursing.

Week 1 Reflection on Learning

The history of nursing theory is one of the concepts that was very important in this week’s lesson. In previous nursing schools the applied connection to the theory and task went unnoticed. I fought understanding in this week’s lesson that has been an eye opener to my future. Nursing theories are the guidance to better understanding of nursing practice. They help nurses change practices for increase patient outcomes, safety and better professional organization. Understanding the concepts will help me apply my knowledge into being a prepared future NP. I may have my moments of feeling unprepared because this is the introductory phase. As I gain more knowledge throughout this course, my confidence toward my goals of being a prepared NP will increase. Gaining understanding of nursing theories can be used as a lifetime enhancement in this profession.

Week 2 Reflection of Learning
I achieved the weekly objectives this week, by gaining understanding not only by reading the chapter and weekly lesson, but also from participating in the discussion. Dr. Martindale your post brought a lot of informative information and insight on life. It allowed me to have better understanding on how to relate to the Carper’s patterns of knowing and the components of the Metaparadigm.
In this week’s lesson I valued the art and science of nursing through Carper’s patterns of knowing. The four ways of knowing included empirical, ethical, personal, and aesthetic knowledge. The personal ways brought the most valued through reflecting throughout my nursing career. It allowed me to share stories throughout my personal life and career. During the self-reflection, I reviewed my thoughts and feelings of situations throughout my career thus far. I plan to grow as a future NP, by investing more time in learning and reflecting upon the various of theories which will assist me throughout my daily nursing practice.
Week 3 Reflection on Learning
I achieved the weekly objective this week by reading the required lesson, textbook and through research. I learned a lot about concept analysis. The selected concept analysis that I choose was quality of life. It really brought knowledge on how to apply the concept to nursing philosophy. I feel I need to be more knowledgeable on the nurse practitioner’s role in concept analysis. Concept analysis can be used as an ongoing tool to assist me with the growth of my nurse practitioner role. The skills I need to continue to develop is evaluation of concepts to help me with delivery of applying them to the nursing practice.
Week 4 Reflection on Learning
Hello Dr.Martindale,
Week 4 has been an informative burst of information. I was able to achieve my objectives through reading the lesson and especially through the research of doing the discuss questions. Reading my peers discussions also turned up the level of understanding as they put their perspective on their chosen theories. I learned the difference between borrowed theories, grand theories and middle- range theories. I chose the theory of interpersonal relations by Hildegard Peplau. I believe this theory will be most useful as a nurse in providing quality healthcare services to my patients. This theory is used as a complementary theory, so it is used as a grand theory because it provides conceptual base and a middle- range theory because of the practical bases of nursing practice. The concern I encountered was the feeling of not knowing. Learning and reaching other theories will help with me with choosing the best theory for my patient as I deliver patient care to assure that it’s centered around them and their needs
Week 5 Reflection on Learning
Dr. Martindale,
So far by learning the nursing theories through this course, I have recognized that I have been involving the theories through my practice unknowingly. I believe the usage of nursing theories through practice holds a great role towards professional outcomes, critical thinking skills and the belief of the provider.
The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change spoke to me this week. It brought about awareness of the different stages that as a future NP, I must be knowledgeable of in order to provide the support and care needed to my patients at different stages. I must respect their beliefs and readiness to change. I will continue to research and use the most appropriate nursing theory needed at the time to aid and support my patients.

Week 6 Learning Reflection

This week allowed me to reflect on my caring skills shown to my patients and my staff members. My question -to myself was how can I show I care more? As I reflected on my personal values, I came up with spending more time with my patients. This will allow me to get to get to know them better, gain better listening skills and respect their different beliefs. The culture and caring theory resonated with me the most. Respecting patients from different cultural backgrounds will allow me to fine unique was to relate, educate and provide effective treatment. As a future NP it really means a lot to learn and research different cultures to ensure them that I care about them. Not only is it important to me that my patients know that I care, but also for the staff to know and the people around me. A caring environment helps everyone meet goals.

Week 7 Reflection on Learning
Dr. Martindale,
In this week’s lesson I learned the Transtheoretical model and how to apply this concept into my NP practice. This concept is important because it assist the NP with the knowledge of different stages to be aware of to support their patient’s best. This will prepare me for my future NP role by giving me guidance on using the appropriate framework to utilize the evidence into my practice. Researching and applying it to practice making it patient centered will be a good example for other health care workers on the team, the patient and family member to understand the goal to a better outcome of health. I feel unprepared with knowing the correct theory to use for different patients. As I continue to learn I’m sure I will gain better understanding in this area.

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