Evidence Based Practice

2022 EBP 4th online activity Evidence Based Practice & Influence on Nursing
Now that you have read all the chapters of your textbook. Review and answer the following question. This assignment is not your opinion. You must use different sources (article references) including your textbook and cite the references.
1. How does evidence-based practice influence and improve nursing care?

2. What are barriers and probable limitations for implementing evidence-based practice and how would one overcome them?

3. From your perspective, which of the barriers to evidence-based nursing practice is the greatest? Provide the rationale for your answer.

4. What steps are used to evaluate the evidence within best clinical practice guidelines?


New Level
5 points
Level 4
4 points
Level 3
3 points
Level 2
2 points
Level 1
0 points
Criterion Score
Identifies Research Components & Answers Questions
Correct identification of research components. Scholarly, answers using correct research terminology. High level of effort consistently demonstrated. Robust, enlightening responses.
Fairly accurate use of research terminology. Able to answer most questions completely. Robust responses.
Inconsistent use of research terminology. Less effort demonstrated. Less scholarly responses.
Poor use of research terminology. Unable to answer most questions.
No submission.