Discussion paper

Consider the following two functions:

F(M): The average temperature (F) in Fahrenheit during month (M) of the year.
Month (M) F (M)
January 42
February 43
March 52
April 63
May 72
June 83
July 84
August 84
September 73
October 63
November 55
December 44

C(F): The conversion formula to calculate the temperature in Celsius (C) based on the temperature in Fahrenheit (F).

Your task for this discussion is as follows:

Calculate (C ∘ F) for the month of your choice.
Discuss the meaning of the function (C ∘ F)(M).
Now think about the composition, (F ∘ C). Does this composition make sense? If so, how does it compare to (C ∘ F)? If not, why not?