Case Study " The Battle in Boise

The Battle in Boise
Read the Case Study “The Battle in Boise.”
Answer the following four (4) questions. The response must not exceed two (2) pages, double-spaced

The case can be found on pages 380-382 of the textbook:

Textbook: “Watson, L. S. (2018). Strategic Healthcare Management Planning and Execution, 2nd edition”

1. The Affordable Care Act encouraged vertical integration and consolidation to improve care coordination. However, too much consolidation can give one organization too much market power. What could be done to balance the need to coordinate care and maintain some level of competition?

2. What are the advantages of directing physician referrals within one system of care? Disadvantages?

3. Why could costs (or charges) increase if services are performed within a hospital setting versus in an independent physician’s office?

4. How could virtual integration be used to coordinate care without raising fixed costs?