Case Study

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Case study:

69 years old Hispanic female came to the emergency room with complaints of chest pressure and shortness of breath. Along with her was her 38-year-old son. She is from Puerto Rico. She has lived in the United States for 39 years. She has a 38-year-old son and a large support system with 3 sisters and their families. She lives alone but all three sisters live in the same block. Her son is very affectionate and they speak in Spanish and English. She is having diabetes and hypertension and is taking medicine for both. She states she is usually compliant with taking her medications but sometimes she is too depressed. She also states she worries about her family. "When I can’t sleep which is almost every night, I drink half a bottle of wine".

Maria found it difficult to catch her breath and was having pain in her chest. She admits her diet is not the best and she eats a lot of sweets, never exercises, and smokes occasionally. "I like to smoke at our family gatherings along with eating".

She was brought to the hospital and her son, her three sisters, and their husbands along with many other relatives are there in the hospital. They are praying and talking and all family members are wearing a cross across their necks. Maria comments" God will take care of me, I have a lot of faith"

Answer the following questions: and you must include 3 scholarly references. Your post must be 700 words minimum.

1. What are the cultural, psychological, and spiritual implications for this patient?

2. Discuss health promotion and disease prevention as it applies to the individual. Discuss a minimum of two health promotion topics with this patient.