Career Transition Plan

Consider the following scenario: You are currently a registered nurse working in a small, 200-bed hospital in a rural community. You have just completed your MS in Nursing degree with a specialization in Nursing Education. You are quite eager to share your new knowledge and skills and to implement new strategies for promoting quality outcomes. However, in this small hospital there is no official designation of “nurse educator,” nor is there an official person that provides professional development. At this point, you feel ready to transition to a nurse educator role and decide you must make a change in order to make advancements in your career.

Include the following in the paper
Elevator Speech: Develop a brief “elevator speech” to share with potential employers that conveys your “brand” as a nurse educator/teacher.
Strategies for Job Searching: Explain the strategies you would use to conduct a job search for a position of interest to you, including the resources you would use.
Type of Position: Explain the position you identify and how it aligns with your professional goals and expertise.
Apply for the Job and Interview Plan:
Create the job application for the position you identify and an interview plan for the position.
In your interview plan, explain how you will convey your qualifications and apply your strengths, values, and teaching philosophy in this position.
Also, in your interview plan, create talking points that explain how, from a positive social change perspective, you will influence your professional practice.
Career Transition Plan: Conclude with a reflection on the types of opportunities you might explore for your growth and development as a future preceptor, mentor, or even researcher, to further the field of nursing education in seeking a terminal degree.