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topic is Staffing. MGT 661

From page 26 our topic is Staffing. We still must read the article but for your topic which is on staffing those are the questions in the article


Staffing Address the following issues

1. How can PAC reduce labor costs and still save as many jobs as possible?

2. Discuss the short-term and long-term implications of downsizing. What does the research say?

3. What are your recommendations for implementing a 10 percent reduction in force? Discuss possible discrimination issues that may occur in downsizing.


Research and explain the demographic characteristics of your local labor market. When the economy recovers, PAC Resources plans to build a facility in your community. Would the company find the skilled workers needed to build its technology components?

Note: You may want to search national databases such as the U.S. Census Bureau. However, you must also include state and local information sources in your report.

Research topics

1. Contingent workforce.

2. Downsizing.

3. Employee self-service (ESS).

· By the end of the day on April 24, each group will prepare and submit a 3-to-4-page SINGLE-SPACED paper that includes the following:

· About 1 page that addresses the activity associated with your topic area (see pp. 23-26 of the case).

· About 2 to 3 pages that address the questions listed (under “Address the following issues”)