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Organization should maintain their ethics program on compliance-based or integrity-based model? What would be your suggested strategic plan for your selected approach?

APA writing conventions should be followed with a minimum of two (2) sources referenced (in the end of your answer) and cited (as appropriate within your answer). Your response (minimum of 300 words) should be a thoughtful, objective academic analysis of the concepts being learned in the course.

You must post your answer in the body of this discussion post and NOT in MS word or PDF file as attachment. Review the posts of your peers and respond to a minimum of two posts with substantive contributions (minimum of 100 words each) extending the discussion. Citations are encouraged, but not required for the responses to your peers.

The due date for posting to this forum is Friday, 6 May 2022, 11:59 PM. 


In business, sports, politics, and many other fields there are probably countless situations akin to the prisoner’s dilemma where players acting in their own self-interest do not produce an ideal outcome. Likewise, some player dynamics also illustrate other game theory concepts like a game of chicken, credible threats/commitments, and other similar concepts. Use at least one article from The Wall Street Journal to discuss a strategic situation between players that resembled or used any of the concepts above. What could have any of the players done differently to achieve a better outcome?


Research a topic on international business.

Your topic is ‘The changes in advertising strategy during the Covid era for higher education’.

 Demonstrate your knowledge, develop your analysis, and propose your plan.
Do a comparison between pre covid and post covid era for the changing advertising strategy in that  industry.

 Select one or two companies to give realistic examples.

The submission should be of 1500 words +/- 10% (not including title page, abstract, reference pages or appendices). The analysis must be supported by at least 3 academically sound sources of information. The submission must utilize APA formatting.