Models of Coordinated Care

Assignment 1: Care Coordination

PowerPoint Presentation – Topic: Emerging Models of Coordinated Care

Situation: The implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the aging of 70 million baby-boomers have brought numerous challenges to the health care environment. These two historical events will place unprecedented challenges on an already burdened health care system. Nursing leaders must be knowledge-savvy regarding the challenges to the profession these events will have on the provision of patient care. Changes to providing safe and effective nursing care to patients must be driven by Nurse Case Managers.

Assignment Instructions:

1. Examine two new innovative models of Care Coordination (hospital or community-based).

2. Develop a PowerPoint Presentation: Utilize the following topics and sub-topics (required) to guide the flow of discussion in your presentation.

Introduction (1-2 slides)
*What factors are influencing and driving change in the way patient care is delivered?
Explain the significance of the care coordination models. (2-4 slides)
Explain how the model standardizes the work of ambulatory, acute, subacute ad home care health care providers using evidence from interdisciplinary literature on care coordination and transition management. (2-4 slides)
Discuss the Nurse Coordinators’ role as "Change Agent" when implementing a new model of nursing care? (1-2 slides)
Identify 2-3 financial constraints/concerns to implementing a new model of nursing care. (1-2 slides)
Conclusion. (1 slide)
Reference Slide (may use in-text citations throughout the presentation, but list all fully formatted sources here)
3. Your presentation should be 14-16 slides in length, including the Title and Reference slides. You must include either a personalized voice over or speakers notes to add full details to your power point slide, to ensure all grading