leading the future in healthcare week 9

Explain why proposed changes to a health care system require policy support to ensure positive, systemic change and to overcome present challenges.
Provide compelling evidence that proposed changes to a health care system will produce the intended outcomes.
Provide broad budget estimates to fund specific capital or human resource outlays that are important to the success of a proposed change.
Outline a plan for leading transformational, evidence-based change in an organization.
Assess the potential future for wellness, health, and improved overall care and the role of visionary leaders in achieving the desired goals.
As a guide, explore the Healthy People 2030 website, linked in the Resources.
Cultivate stakeholder interest in and support for the proposed changes to a community health care system.
Develop slides that augment a multimedia presentation.
Argue persuasively to obtain policy and financial support from policymakers for a proposed community health care change.
Support assertions, arguments, propositions, and conclusions with relevant and credible evidence.