Book Report/Research Project SP2023
Niccolo Machiavelli: The Prince (Want to rule a kingdom and maintain power? Here is your how-to handbook.)
Includes information useful for putting together Works Cited entries and understanding basic format
Since every student has to have had English 1101 to register for this class, all should have some basic knowledge of MLA style, but I find many don’t. If you are concerned about your project grade, students are expected to creat a properly formatted Works Cited, which is nothing difficult for those willing to go to the trouble to get the details correct. Failing to do so leads to a substantial loss of points. It is in your best interest, therefore, to review the enclosed resources to be sure you grasp the basics.
To ensure your Works Cited is right, check to see that it conforms to the following standards:
Is your Works Cited labeled Works Cited at the top of the slide?
Are your entries complete and correct?
Are all of your entries double-spaced?
Do all your entries begin on the left margin of your slide text box?
Are your entries alphabetized according to the first major element in the entry?
Do entries that run more than one line include a hanging indent?
Do you have a minimum of three sources? (A minimum means the least you can do acceptably.)