ASSIGNMENT 9.3: Case Presentation Instructional Plan
In Week 14, you will present a PowerPoint case presentation on an encounter that you assessed during the practicum that relates back to the objectives and content of this course.
By the end of this assignment, you will be able to:
• Select a research study to support a diagnosis for your case presentation. (CO7, CO8)
• Develop an instructional plan for your case presentation. (CO4, CO7, CO8)
Assignment Guidelines
Create and submit an instructional plan consisting of an outline, objectives, and references to your lead instructor by Sunday of Week 9.
Review the following requirements and resources before you begin your instructional plan:
• Review the Case Presentation Rubric listed in your syllabus. Be sure that your instructional plan accounts for all requirements of the case presentation.
• Review the Case Presentation Instructional Plan Rubric listed in your syllabus. Be sure that your instructional plan accounts for all requirements that are outlined in this rubric.
• The case that you choose to present should meet the following requirements:
o The case directly corresponds to one or more of the course objectives that are outlined in your syllabus.
o The case directly corresponds to the content of the course.
• The research article that you select should meet the following requirements:
o Supports diagnosis and/or treatment
o No more than 5 years old
o Qualitative or quantitative
o Research study (population, sample size, results, conclusion, etc.)
• Refer to the Case Presentation Outline Example.
I. Introduction
A. Greet audience
B. Interest in topic
C. Review and list objectives
 At the end of this presentation, the learner will be able to
1. …
2. …
3. …
II. Body of the Presentation
A. Chief complaint/HPI
B. Subjective data
1. Medications/allergies
2. Medical History
3. Family History
4. Social History
5. ROS
C. Objective data
1. Vital signs
2. Physical assessment
D. Differential Diagnoses
E. Diagnostics (labs/imaging)
F. Diagnosis
G. Risk Factors
H. Treatment plan
1. Medication
2. Patient Education
3. Follow up
III. Research Article Information
IV. Conclusion/Summary
V. Questions
VI. References
NOTE TO WRITER: My plan is to base this project on 26 year old patient who came to the Clinic with concerns about her weight and wants to loose weight. She is 250 pounds and her BMI is 44.3 (Morbidly obesed). Her height is 5feet and 3 inches. She denied any past medical history. Please base this case presentation instructional plan on this patient. During her visit, an adult health examination was done on her and blood work like CBC W/DIFF, PLATELET, CMP, LIPID PANEL, VITAMIN D, 25-HYDROXY SERUM, HBA1C (HEMOGLOBIN A1C) BLOOD, MICROALBUMIN/CREATININE, RAND, AND T4,FREE +TSH was done to determine if she is healthy enough to receive Wegovy 0.25mg/0.5ml subcutaneous pen injector – to help with her weight loss. Weight management and nutrition education was also provided to her.

RUBRIC; Case Presentation Instructional Plan Rubric

Criteria Meets Expectations
Instructional Plan (outline, objectives, and references) Objectives in proper form; outline adequate; information submitted on time; four references listed with links to the research article so other students have access to it. (>9–10 points)