Pediatric Clinical Pearl Case Study

Watch the video below. Observe the parent-child and parent-provider interactions. Note appropriate and inappropriate responses by the parent.

Select five topics from the following categories to address:
Cognitive developmental milestones
Physical developmental milestones
Social-emotional developmental milestones
Environmental health risks
Temper tantrums and discipline
Sleep routines
Car seat safety
Healthy teeth

Use the Clinical Pearl WorksheetLinks (attached below) to an external site. and complete the table for each one of the five selected topics. For each selected topic, complete the following sections on the table:
Topic name
Negative interaction/behavior: What did you see or hear that was inappropriate?
Positive interaction/behavior: What did you see or hear that was appropriate?
Guidelines and recommendations: What anticipatory guidance would you provide? Support your guidance with clinical practice guidelines or peer-reviewed, scholarly sources appropriate for providers that are no more than 5 years old.
Professional/ethical communication: How will you provide non-judgmental, unbiased education regarding the identified issue? Use the following steps to guide your response
acknowledge how the parent feels
state the facts
provide education or re-frame the approach
Provide a complete APA reference for the chosen scholarly resource.