Marginalized People

Follow these guidelines when completing each component of the assignment. Contact your course faculty if you have questions.  

Read the following article from the Chamberlain library and address the questions below.

Prodan‐Bhalla, N., & Browne, A. J. (2019). Exploring women’s health care experiences through an equity lens: Findings from a community clinic serving marginalised womenLinks to an external site.. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 28(19-20), 3459-3469.

Application of Course Knowledge:  
Identify and describe three actions you can take as an NP to mitigate the social impacts on marginalized women and/or children.
Discuss the role of federal, state, and local health policy in the marginalization of women, children, and childbearing families.
Identify one policy that impacts marginalized groups (include whether the policy is at the federal, state, or local level).
Discuss how the selected policy impacts marginalized groups either positively or negatively.
Integration of Evidence: Provide support from a minimum of one scholarly in-text citation in addition to the textbook.    
Engagement in Meaningful Dialogue: Respond to a student peer and course faculty to further dialogue.   
Substantive posts contribute new, novel perspectives to the discussion using original dialogue (not quotes from sources).
Student responds to at least one peer.
Student responds to all direct questions posed by faculty.
Post includes evidence from at least one scholarly resource to support interactive dialogue.
Professionalism in Communication: Present information in a logical, meaningful, and understandable sequence that is relevant to the discussion topic.    
Grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation are accurate.   
Good writing calls for the limited use of direct quotes. Direct quotes in discussions are to be limited to one short quotation (not to exceed 10 words). The quote must add substantively to the discussion.   
Reference Citation: Provide references with complete information as required by APA (0-1 errors). Include in-text citations included for all references AND references for all in-text citations (0 errors).