NSG 6652 Issues and Trends in Nursing Informatic

This assignment will consist of creating an outline of the work flow chart that demonstrates the scope of your proposed project’s implementation, as seen from the perspective of a nursing informaticist. As a nurse engaged in advanced practice, it is important for you to analyze how information flows within your organization in project management. This assignment will allow you to gain experience with assessing a flow of information. These charts can be constructed in PowerPoint,

This week, you will create a work flow analysis that illustrates the outline flow of project management for the evaluation and implementation plan for your proposed information system. The chart must track the information system’s evaluation, planning, and implementation to the point that it will "go live." If any task is not on the flow chart, then it will not be completed within the project, so scope creep and ultimately failure of the implementation is likely to occur.

Using the systems development life cycle (SDLC), as defined in Nelson & Staggers , construct a work flow documentation chart that represents the scope of your implementation project for your chosen technology.

Be sure you include:

Systems planning
Systems analysis
Systems design, development, and customization
System and functional testing
System implementation, evaluation, maintenance, and support
When your chart is finalized, save it as an image so that it can be inserted into your Word document for submission.
Support your responses with examples.