Research Day Poster Slide

Wk 7 – Summative Assessment: Research Day Poster Slide

It’s now time for you to prepare for the upcoming Research Day, a clinic-wide event held every quarter. Research Day was established to highlight and disseminate EBP findings. The chair of your EPB committee has requested that you prepare a poster summary of the research you have conducted over the past weeks on your chosen healthcare topic.

Create a poster slide in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Read “How to Make a Poster in PowerPoint: 10 Simple Steps” from

Include the following information on your slide:
The problem statement you developed (from your chosen Week 2 topic).DIABETES
Your clinical question (PICO(T))
Succinct summary of quantitative, qualitative, any mixed method, and systematic reviews that you have previously utilized
Key findings
Limitations of studies reviewed
Recommendations for practice (may also include education, policy, and research if applicable)

Save your slide as a PDF file.

Submit your assignment.

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