Week 8 Discussion: Reflecting on Your Nursing Destiny

Directions also use some of the attached reading to reference
you can speak about nicu nurses
Reflection is an activity that involves your deep thought into your own experiences related to the concepts of the week. Answers should be detailed. In reflections, students:
Demonstrate understanding of concepts for the week
Engage in meaningful dialogue with classmates and/or instructor
Express opinions clearly and logically, in a professional manner
Use the rubric on this page as you compose your answers.
Scholarly sources are NOT required for this reflection
Best Practices include:
Participation early in the week is encouraged to stimulate meaningful discussion among classmates and instructor.
Enter the reflection often during the week to read and learn from posts.
Select different classmates for your reply each week.
Reflection Questions

Now that each one of you is very close to completing this major accomplishment in your nursing career, please share ways you might contribute to service in your own organization and community, as well as thinking about the world as your community. Include one area from our Recommendations list in the lesson (Foundational Concepts) regarding the expanding roles of nurses. Please reflect on and address the following:

Describe ways in which your nursing practice might contribute to service within your organization and your community.
How do you think your nursing areas of interest and future professional development might impact healthcare globally? NICU Nurse
Include your thoughts on one area from our Recommendation list in the lesson (Foundational Concepts) regarding the expanding roles of nurses.