NUR3561 Deliverable 4

You are considering returning to school to complete your MSN or DNP but are concerned about the amount of work. In your 1:1 meeting with your Manager, you mention the desire to return to school for an advanced nursing degree and learn your Manager is currently working on completing a DNP in the Executive Leadership track. Currently, the Nurse Manager has enjoyed the courses completed but finds the current course a favorite, “Emerging Healthcare Innovations.” She suggests meeting for coffee and reviewing the most recent assignment to get an idea of the quality and quantity of work required to complete DNP coursework successfully. She supplies the guidelines for the current assignment and tells you to attempt the Assignment in three days to get a feel for the workload involved in DNP level course work.

Based on your research regarding the innovators and proposed innovations, answer these questions in a Word document:

Predict which innovation will be successful in your local healthcare setting.
Explain your local healthcare setting
Support the prediction with at least two reasons based on needs identified within your local healthcare organization and community.
Support the prediction based on at least two intrinsic and two extrinsic factors that impact successful innovation with support from credible resources.
Describe the projected sustainability of the innovation you selected with support from credible resources.
How will the innovation last long term? What are elements, specific to your recommended innovation, that will impact future success? Does it still make it a good fit?