Choose a communication error you have experienced or witnessed.

Think about a situation in which there was less than optimal communication between staff. This can be between same discipline (e.g. RN:RN or MD:MD) or between 2 different disciplines (e.g. RN:PT or RN: MD or RN: unit clerk/secretary ), or between patient and staff.

Respond to the following questions as related to the communication error:

What parties were involved in the discussion? Give a brief description of the role they played.

Were there any adverse consequences to patient, staff or family member as a result of this communication error?

What communication technique or techniques were used to communicate with all the people involved?

How could the lapse in communication have been prevented? (Include communication techniques, interdisciplinary roles, negotiation, and other factors.)

How could that communication have been more collaborative among the different professionals?

What steps has your workplace taken to improve communication between different professions to prevent future errors?
Inital post must be at least 300 words and include 2 references.